Amy Zyma

Since Amy could remember, she has always relished in creating. Wether it be fabricating her own recipes in the kitchen. Sketching in books. Or pulling apart broken toys as a child, and placing them back together.  Amy flourishes in the creative process. 

Amy has been tattooing professionally since July 2001. Over the course of her career Amy has been fortunate enough to have worked multiple tattoo conventions. And attend learning seminars to which she has honed her skills as an artist and Tattooer.

Being able to adapt her artistry in  a variety of different tattoo genres,  Amy has worked to provide her clients a wide range of permanent art in her own style.

Why Amy Zyma?

I have been working with Amy on my tattoo journey for over 20 years. I have stuck with her for so long because she is amazing at what she does. Her talent, kindness, patience and honesty sets her aside from the rest.

I have recommended her to many family and friends over the years and I would recommend her for you!

Chi-Miigwetch Amy for all your hard work and dedication to your craft. You are one of a kind.


I am really satisfied with the professionalism, artistic talent and overall experience I had. I found she listened to my input when coming up with the design of my tattoo and gives me her time during the healing, to offer advice and guidance when needed. It’s that attention and passion I appreciated, and even sitting there while she worked, she is amazing to talk to, which made the experience even more enjoyable. I’m definitely going back for more.


I am now halfway through my full sleeve with Amy. Amy has been outstanding in helping to take my ideas and add her artistic interpretation to create beautiful pieces of artwork. The images are realistic and her attention to detail is amazing. I still cannot get over the detail in the eyes of several of my pieces. She has used a fluid, flexible and organic approach to the sleeve, ensuring ongoing discussion at every step. She has made me feel comfortable during the entire process and I can’t wait for my next piece. 


Have Questions?

If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact Amy.

Be sure to have your valid photo ID for proof of age to accompany the consent form that needs filled out at the time of your appointment.

Make sure you have the correct method of payment. 

It’s good to bring a beverage such as a bottle of water or juice with you to stay hydrated during the tattoo. Depending on the size of tattoo you are getting and the length of time you are sitting a small snack is great to have handy. If you are booked for a long or full day session bring a few snacks or small meals to have.

Make sure you are in comfortable clothing and that the area that is going to be tattooed is easily accessible. 

I enjoy tattooing all different styles but my favourite is colour illustrative.

I like to work based off my clients ideas and pull from the visual references they like. I enjoy working within the perimeters of my clients ideas but adding my own artistic flare. 

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